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Meet Kerry

Kerry discovered that visits to the doctor for herself as a teenager and for her daughters when they were young children resulted in medication recommendations. While medications can be helpful at times, she found that to get to root causes of the health issues and effect change, she would have to study and implement what she learned. It is this desire to learn that led her to classical homeopathy, homeopathic nursing courses, and seeking holistic healthcare for herself and her family through which she was fortunate to have dramatic health improvements. 

Kerry's enthusiasm and interest in holistic health care led her to employment in the holistic medical field in 2018 where she worked as a bio energetic practitioner and enjoyed witnessing very favorable results.

Kerry opened Bio Energetic Healing in 2022 where she can continue to offer the bio energetic therapies of pulsing electromagnetic field therapy known as PEMF, bio modulator microcurrent therapy, frequency therapies, and scan and frequency detox remedies as well as kinesiology.  She is enthusiastic about these modalities and their capabilities to help the body heal itself in a natural, healthy way.

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Kerry understands that the human body is mineral, chemical, and electrical. Bio energetic therapies are unique in addressing the role of the electrical which brings a powerful aspect to function, healing, and overall well-being.

Kerry is a mother of three and enjoys spending time with family, the rejuvenation of outdoor activities during all the seasons, reading, knitting, and walking her dogs.

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